Behind the scenes where the magic happens at Desden

Take a peek behind the curtain where the desden magic happens!

Yes, we actually, print, cut, sew and even embroider most of our college purse straps and all of our totes + in our little factory in Houston, Texas! Plus, we pay royalties to every team we sell- which turns into scholarships for students- how great is that? Officially licensed for over 80 universities- shop your team today!

Our line up of USA Made items includes:

  • Officially Licensed Cooler Totes
  • Officially Licensed Game Day Aprons
  • Officially Licensed Classic Boat Tote
  • Officially Licensed New Sophie Tote
  • Officially Licensed Round Duffel/ Gym Bag
  • Officially Licensed- Cute Canvas Pouches

We also create many of our bag straps here in our factory in Houston, and love creating custom purse straps for high schools, cheer squads etc.

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