What does "Officially Licensed" mean and why should you care?

When shopping for college gifts one thing to consider is that you are buying officially collegiate licensed merch! You may wonder why this matters?

For starters, it is a LOT of work for licensees to earn that seal on their product tags. 😃

When we are creating a new product for our Desden Game Day Accessory line, we have to keep in mind that before producing, we first need to jump through a few hoops...All designs are first sent to the Collegiate Licensing Company for initial approval, and then passed on to the appropriate University for final yes or no. Licensees are able to create products in their approved category only..for instance, at Desden we carry the license for purses, aprons, coolers and accessories - but we cannot currently make baseball caps because we are not licensed for that category. 

A nice portion of every sale goes back to that school/ university in the form of royalties. Yes, every collegiate licensed item that we sell on our website, or through our retail partners - we are required to pay royalties on. The great thing about this is that these royalties are used for improving athletic programs and offering scholarships to that particular college. So - when you purchase an officially licensed product (look for that hologram on the tag) you are not just supporting a family owned biz like Desden, but you are also paying it forward for your team. How great is that? And on the flip side, when you buy a "fake" - everyone loses! 

We are grateful to be officially collegiate licensed for over 75 Universities and counting! Don't see your team? Contact us and let us know, we're always excited to add new game day gear to our line up!

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