Reseller Prop65 Resource Page

 PROP 65 Warning

As a reseller of Desden product it is incumbent upon you to properly warn the residents of California of the potential for exposure to certain chemicals that may be present in our products. This must be done on the product itself and on the website on which they are sold. 

If you have product in your possession that does not have a warning label and you wish to ship it to a customer in California you must adhere a sticker to the packaging of the product or to the product itself with a warning message. For you convenience we have provided a word document that will allow you to print this message onto standard Avery 5160 address labels. These  can then be adhered to the product poly bag or to the product itself. 


If you operate a website this same warning label must be clearly visible to anyone in California who is attempting to order the product. This could be on the check out page when they enter a California zip code or it could be on every item. 


For Amazon sellers you need to properly mark items under the Compliance Tab for each item. You can see an example here.

 What is Desden doing to solve this problem and what do you need to do? 

To alleviate this burden from retailers in the future Desden is taking the following steps. However there are some steps that you as a retailer must continue to address to be compliant with the California Law.

What is Desden doing: 

1. We are putting the warning label on the polybag of products that require it. Mainly this is any product that contains vinyl- either clear or not clear. 

2. We are having tested our materials to determine the levels of the chemicals present that could be above "safe harbor" levels. 

3. We have placed the warning label onto every product on our website. 


What do you need to do: 

1. You must include either at the time of check out or on the product page of your website the warning label image. You may have this image appear only when the buyer puts in a California Zip code. 

2. If you ship to California you should make sure the product you ship has a warning label. When shipping to CA its better to be safe than sorry. 

3. If you sell only in your brick and mortar store and you're not in CA you have no need to warn or worry about this. 

Thank you for you help and understanding of this. 

Sonny DeShong